Dimi Kaye is a Synthwave/Dreamwave producer from Greece and based in Germany. His sound fuses mid tempo rhythms with synth chords and melodies that create a purely nostalgic and melancholic feeling. His melodic guitar solos add even more to the whole experience and are becoming his signature. The goal of his music is to bring back memories of a time long gone but not forgotten.

"The sound of the future comes from the past."

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Dimi Kaye appeared on the Synthwave scene early in 2015 in the now legendary compilation The Annihilator by Karate King Records, next to artists like Stilz, Cobra Strike Force, SurgeryHead etc. During that year he started producing and sharing the music that would be in his first release, Dream Sequencer. Trough his Soundcloud uploads and because he often uses melodic guitar solos in his tracks, he was discovered by Volkor X and was asked to perform the solo on Beacon, that would appear on Pluto : A Synth Odyssey compilation by New Horizons Records and later on Volkor X's debut LP, This Means War.

On September 18th 2015, Dream Sequencer was released, featuring eight tracks of purely nostalgic and melancholic Dreamwave vibes. The music of the album is built around a concept story that describes a future where technology offered everything to humanity and erased the will for wars, hatred and worries. "As the will to obtain goods diminished, so did the will to advance as human beings. So did the will to dream for a better future. That lead to the end of evolution for humanity. ". The story follows a man that needs to log in a Dream Sequencer machine that, powered by powerful emotions, can move evolution forward again.

In the following year, Dimi Kaye took part to many compilations like Brainwave, Chipwars, Mega Man : Robot Masters Resynthesized by New Horizons Records and The Annihilator II : Steele Vengeance OST by Karate King Records, and collaborated with artists Absinth3, Oceanside85, Kyle Reese and BVSMV, either producing the music or performing guitar solos. His music also appeared on the indie action game Blast Brawl 2 : Bloody Boogaloo.

On December 2nd, 2016 he released his second album, La Luna, featuring ten tracks of uptempo Synthwave/Dreamwave vibes, inspired in parts by early '90s dance music and with elements of funk. The concept of the album tells the story behind La Luna, a summer bar created by five friends who, recalling the good times they had together in their youth, they wanted to bring closer the young people of their home town, with the music of the era and the starry sky being the backdrop. The story is based in actual facts and a detailed behind-the-story analysis of each track can be found on RecallFM's [Realview]. The album features producer / singer Oceanside85 on the song Daylight. TL80s reviewed La Luna and gave it a 4,3/5.

In 2017 Dimi Kaye has already taken part in collaborations, providing guitar solos for darksynth producers Timestalker and Vulta with many more already in the works, is working on the soundtrack for a visual novel game and on his upcoming album. You can listen his music on every major platform, like Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc.

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