EP by Carpenter Brut.

Released in 2013 by Black Bus Records, and reissued as part of Trilogy by Neuropa Records / No Quarter in 2015.

A video was made for Turbo Killer by Seth Ickerman.[1]

A continuation of the Turbo Killer video - entitled Blood Machines - is underway.[2]

Tracklist Edit

  1. Division Ruine (03:35)
  2. Paradise Warfare (04:14)
  3. Run, Sally, Run! (04:47)
  4. Turbo Killer (03:28)
  5. Anarchy Road (03:33)
  6. Invasion A.D. (06:40)

Credits Edit

  • Vocals on Anarchy Road: Jim (Trumps / Filago) 
  • Photo: Gilles Marciniak 
  • Fx: Julien Deka

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References Edit


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