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La Luna is the second album by producer Dimi Kaye and was released on December 2, 2016. It contaigns 10 tracks of uptempo synthwave / dreamwave vibes, inspired in parts by early '90s dance music and with elements of funk. The album features a collaboration with Oceanside85 who wrote the lyrics and sand on the track Daylight. La Luna was mastered by Volkor X.

La Luna is also a concept album and the story is actually based on true events. The story is as follows :

"It's the summer of 1990. Five childhood friends met after a long time in The City they grew up. Recalling all the good times they had as kids, the mischiefs, the early love sparks, even the fights, they decided that they shouldn't let life split their paths again. They decided to meet every year in summertime, get together and also bring all the young people of their home town close to each other. To do that, they created a bar, and the name of that bar was La Luna. 

For six summers La Luna was the meeting place for all the young people of The City. In its wooden walls people became lovers in trance, under its cherry tree lovers kissed for the first time, on its stone floor they danced all night long, its only roof was the sky and the stars and the moon would smile down on them until daylight came. Boys would use smooth moves to get the girls, they in turn would play hard to get, spirits were high and cocktails were plenty. It was a great time to be there! 

As time flows though, people grow and change, just like the music that played in La Luna. Life caught up with everyone and put different priorities in their paths. The five childhood friends were not young anymore. Some of them got married, others moved too far away, no one had time to be in The City for the whole summer. 

It's June of 1997. Five childhood friends met in midday outside La Luna. They took a final look at her and started slowly taking down the wooden walls. 

La Luna was an idea that grew out of love and became a reality. That reality in turn became a sweet memory that will live in the minds of all who had the chance to walk and dance on its floor, under the smiling stars and Moon."

Tracklist Edit

  1. June of '92 (04:00)
  2. Our Roof is the Night Sky (04:40)
  3. All Night Long (04:15)
  4. Long Drinks Paradise (05:20)
  5. Smooth Moves (04:39)
  6. Hard to Get (03:52)
  7. Lovers in Trance (04:22)
  8. Stars Fall in the Distance (05:28)
  9. Daylight (feat. Oceanside 85) (04:00)
  10. Tearing Down the Walls (05:12)

Daylight Lyrics Edit

(written and performed by Oceanside85)

==== Listen I hear your soul  and I would do anything 
if I could heal your heart  and take all your pain away 
cause you have saved me too from the darkest night of my soul 
and I would do it all again just to be with you 

Our love's fire 
it's like it's daylight instead of the night 

Our love's fire 
as the moon rises it fades into the sun 

Our love's fire 
it makes it daylight instead of the night 

Our love's fire 
as the moon rises it fades into the sun 

Again tonight I'm searching for 
a way to make it right 
and I know that our demons are just waiting to take a bite 
but baby I'm on fire from your light 

I'm the blunt you're the spark 
you're my high lets make smoke 

We've done it all before 
I feel it like deja vu 
so I'll follow you to the light 
if thats where the love ends 

Our love 
yeah that's where the light is 
Our love 
its burning hot now 
Our love 
yeah that's where the fight is 

Follow you to the end we'll never know every bend 
where this road of life ends but I wanna ride with you 

Our love's fire 
it's like it's daylight instead of the night 

Our love's fire 

Our love's fire 

I know I've found my daylight ====

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