Summary Edit

Growing up, NightKhat always had an interest in music. It wasn't until his early high school years that he discovered the vast world of electronic music. Instantly, he was inspired to create his own mark on an already dense community of artists. Being a fan of masked dj's who keep their identity a secret, NightKhat came up with his mask idea after observing artists such as Danger and Deadmau5.

Style Edit

Like his name suggests, NightKhat's style is focused on dark electronic soundscapes instead of the more light and happy electronic songs the mainstream media puts out. His songs usually have distorted synths and growling basses, with creepy atmospheres echoing throughout.

Despite labeling his songs as synthwave, NightKhat doesn't think he makes "true" synthwave at all. Electro and Experimental is a more fitting title.

Discography Edit

-Patriot (Soundtrack EP):

-Crash Land Remix (Featured in Night Raptors debut EP):

-Aftermath (Single):

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