PolarisRadio is a synthwave musician from New Zealand, formerly known as Race to Polaris.


PolarisRadio began as Race to Polaris in 2015, after spending many years refinining his production and instrumentation in a range of other genres including Drum and Bass.[1]

His first album, 4909, was released on January 6, 2017. 4909 was reissued in September 2018 as 4909: Infinity and included two bonus tracks in addition to being fully remastered.[2] 4909 is the first chapter of what is known as the '4909 Trilogy' - consisting of 4909 (2017), it's sequel Breakneck City (2017) and the forthcoming Virtual Paradise.

Race to Polaris rebranded as PolarisRadio in February 2019, citing difficulties with the length and memorability of his former alias.[3]


Studio albumsEdit

  • 4909: Infinity (January 2017, Self Released)
  • Breakneck City (November 2017, Self Released)
  • Virtual Paradise (Forthcoming)


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