The Encounter is a synth project created by Nigel Silva in 2011 mainly focused on synthwave and darksynth.

 Early Years Edit

First creating music in the back of his English high school class using a cracked copy of FL Studio 7, Nigel created a variety of music within the EDM scene mainly focusing on dubstep, electro, and house.

In 2012, him and his friend Paul created a project called Abduction which lead to the duo opening up for EDM artist Crizzly and Figure during a tour in upstate New York.

The EDM project ended and Abduction split in 2014 when The Encounter took up majority of Nigel's time.

The Encounter Edit

In 2011 Nicolas Winding Refn released the film Drive to cinemas. Upon watching it, Nigel took it upon himself to create a similar sound heard from the soundtrack - specifically Nightcall by Kavinsky.

The Encounter project focused mainly on creating modern sounding music using older synths and sounds but it was kept in the background as Nigel continued to focus on his EDM music until 2014 after he saw the state of the EDM scene and decided to call it quits and release all of The Encounter material he had worked on so far into an album entitled Family.

Since then, he's released 6 EPs and is currently working on his 6th EP - Waves II: Hope as well as his third album entitled Half Awake and Almost There due out by the end of 2017.

NGHT Studios Edit

NGHT Studios is a small independent studio ran by Nigel and a few of his friends. Located in New Jersey, they're focused on graphic and visual design but also films in both the sci-fi and horror genre.

They've worked with artists such as Stilz creating album art and music videos.

Currently they're working on their first short film.

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